“I began seeing Robin after being referred to her by my doctor to help in my eating disorder recovery. She created a custom and completely individualized meal plan for me to help me reach my goals and nutritional needs. Robin helped me through one of the most difficult processes of my life; and with her aid, I have been able to form a healthy relationship with my body and food. She helped me learn what nutrition my body needed to function in a healthy manner, while also guiding me through determining what appropriate exercise looked like for me. Robin was never judgmental and was a person i felt i could be completely honest with, no matter how my week had gone. She was understanding and encouraging. Through working with her, my body, mind, and soul are happy and healthy. I could not be more grateful for this woman and her work.”

“My daughter, Catera and I will be forever grateful to Robin. She has introduced our family to a healthier way of eating. Her knowledge and educational facts has caused us to become more health conscious. Catera and I continue to maintain our weight and exercise weekly. Robin was so patient and very informative. She was also able to offer flexible appointments due to my work schedule. Thank you so much, Robin for improving our family’s overall health and for saving us from a lifestyle of obesity.”
-Catrina, GA

“Robin helped me create an individualized diet and exercise plan that helped me control my cholesterol and avoid medication. I highly recommend Robin.”

“I began seeing Robin weekly in August 2012 after having been referred by my doctor to help in my recovery from an eating disorder (anorexia) and over exercising. Robin helped me through one of the toughest periods of my life. She helped me understand that extremely restrictive diets were not the answer. She was always encouraging and never judgmental. With her guidance, I’ve learned to be more in tune with my body, what it craves, and what it needs in regards to food and exercise. ”

“I have been under Robin Grundstein’s care for 10 years.  I am 65 years old, and thanks to Robin, I am medication free.  After menopause, my cholesterol and glucose numbers both started to creep up slowly.  My bone density scores, unfortunately, lowered.  Through a healthy eating program and exercise, Robin has helped me stay at a healthy level.  I am comfortable asking her questions, and she always gives me practical suggestions and explanations that are understandable to a “nonprofessional” like myself.  I am extremely appreciative of Robin’s contribution to my health.”